Abarcas, also known as Abarcas Shoes or Abarcas Sandals, are a traditional footwear from the Menorca Island, sturdy and comfortable. For many years abarcas were the traditional  footwear for farmers because of its comfort. It is made with leather and rubber sole, formerly used in beige and blue colors only. Nowadays abarcas are made in a wide range of colors as well as use of drawings that give them a modern and innovative air to these traditional comfortable shoes. These sandals are very simple and comfortable and you can buy abarcas online in this mega store . This famous Abarcas shoes today are popular and fashionable footwear with a great personality which records a great demand as a comfortable shoe for the summer. The Spanish Royal Family uses frequently Menorquinas which may also be seen in the foot of, actors and actresses, soccer players or screenwriters. Abarcas has become an attractive object of design.